The history of Paragliding


The first attempts of paragliding started in 1980’s in the French Alps, instead of jumping from an airplane the ran off the slops of the mountain, taking off in skydive history there have been many attempts with diffrents types of skysports, Leonardo Da Vinci was the first one ever to sketch, design, a parachute.

Coming up in order is a list with dates of how paragliding became the sport it is today

In the 1100 there’s know of Chinese men attempting to jump with something resembling an umbrella

1495 Leonardo Da Vinci designed a parachute

1595 Fausto Veranzio, jumped of a hill with something resembling a wooden plank with a sheet tied like a parachute

1600-1700 Jumping of higher hills, with parachutes that’s umbrella shaped, these design still exists.

1785  JP Blanchard successfully completed a jump from a hot air balloon with a more advanced parachute

1887 the first parachute harness was designed

1911 the first manual was made

1913 in the First World War, parachutes was very important for observation, they could stay in the air for a long time and that was very useful for observations

1930 the Russian started competition for sports

1932 the Americans started something similar

1941 the Germans took down 14000 sky parachute in Croatia

1948 FAI, world airsports federation was founded

1950 the first ever remote controlled parachute was made (paracommander)

1958 Francis and Gerdrute Rogallo helped NASA successfully design a parachute to remote control the speed of the rockets.

1964 in Florida, Domina Jelbert worked on a more aerodynamic friendly parachute, the purpose was to get more time in the air.

1965 David Barish, the worlds first paraglider, ran off the side of a mountain with the parachute designed by himself. And that’s where the name comes from, cause he glided alongside the mountain.

1978 3 French skydivers wanted to make their idea reality, so they took their parachutes an ran off the hill and successfully completed the takeoff. One of the three men, Jean Claude Betemps now has the title of being the first person to takeoff and complete a flight from a slope, and a year later the worlds first paragliding school was opened in the French Alps. Ten years later the first world paragliding championship was held in Kossen, Austria.


Tandem paragliding


1987 they started to make the parachutes for two people, tandem parachute, and very quickly after that it was made in to a tourists attraction.

In the Alps, Nepal, New Zeeland, Peru, Lima and ofcourse Öludeniz-babadag are all examples of where tandem paragliding is a huge commercial income. And lots of people come just to these places to paraglide. And in the later years, Hawaii, Bali, India and a few more places in World are added to the list where paragliding is commercial.

The places where tandem paragliding is done, the pictures that’s taken from the air is proven to be most useful in the tourism catalogs

Tow systems


There is a need for hight in these kinds of sports. So in the 2000’s Germans and Russian starded working on a towing system, where there is no need for mountains. You just assemble the towing system on a boat and you take off from the ground or on the beach. For the past five years this system has been used a commercial business in touristic places,

Tandem Towing.